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How Turnkey Interior Solutions Work

turnkey interior solution

Turnkey interior solutions refer to a comprehensive service provided by companies or professionals that manage the entire process of designing, furnishing, and setting up the interiors of a space. This can include residential spaces, offices, commercial establishments, or any other property type. The term “turnkey” implies that the client only needs to turn the key to enter the completed and ready-to-use space, with all interior elements in place.

1. Initial Consultation :

The process often begins with an initial consultation between the client and the interior design team. During this phase, the client discusses their preferences, requirements, budget, and any specific ideas they have for the Space.

2.Design Concept and Planning :

Based on the client’s input, the interior design team creates a design concept and plan. This includes layout, color schemes, furniture selection, lighting design, and other aesthetic and functional elements.

3.Budgeting and Proposal:

The design team works on a budget for the project and presents a detailed proposal to the client. This proposal outlines the costs associated with the design, materials, labor, and other expenses. Once the client approves the proposal, the project moves forward.

4.Project Management:

The turnkey solution provider takes on the responsibility of project management. This involves coordinating various aspects of the project, such as procurement of materials, scheduling, and overseeing the work of contractors and subcontractors.

5.Procurement and Installation:

The interior solutions provider takes care of sourcing and purchasing all the necessary materials, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. They also manage the logistics of delivery and installation. This ensures that the client doesn’t have to worry about coordinating multiple vendors.

6. Construction and Installation:

If there are any construction or renovation aspects involved, the turnkey provider oversees these activities. This includes tasks like flooring, wall treatments, electrical work, plumbing, and other necessary construction work.

7. Furnishing and Decoration:

The selected furniture and decorative elements are installed as per the approved design. This can include everything from custom cabinetry to artwork and accessories.

8. Quality Control and Final Inspection:

The turnkey provider conducts quality control checks to ensure that everything meets the agreed-upon standards. A final inspection is carried out to address any remaining issues and ensure that the client is satisfied with the completed project.


Once the project is finished and the client approves the final result, the turnkey solution provider hands over the keys, and the client can move in or start using the space immediately.

Turnkey interior solutions offer a hassle-free and streamlined approach to interior design and implementation, saving clients time and effort by providing a one-stop solution for their interior needs.

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