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Modular Kitchen Ideas Which Save Your Space

Modular kitchen ideas

People these days are more worried about utilizing their home spaces without limit, particularly the people who have restricted space. Modular interiors are ideally suited for such, as they save space as well as multifunctional and modern. Let’s look into some design thoughts for space saving modular kitchens from the best interior designer.

Drawers over cabinets

The fundamental part of kitchens are storage cupboards. They take more space than the cooking region itself. So, deciding on drawers below your countertops over racks or cupboards will assist you to contain more things. Drawers are additionally exceptionally simple and helpful to operate and can also store more. They can also be laminated with glass to give a rich focus on the kitchen.

Cupboards to ceiling

Most effective way to save space is to utilize each space without limit. Making storage cabinets up to ceiling will give you huge space to keep things even that are not kitchen related. It’s the smart move to proceed to give you a total gravity focus on your modular kitchen as per the best interior designer. Laminating them with glass will make them look especially luxurious with extensive lighting over them

Open shelves

One more method for utilizing your space better is to have open racks in your kitchen. They are effectively usable when you keep containers and compartments on them. Open counters can also be altered into various designs as CRL Interior designer in Bangalore are specialists of it. They also make your kitchen space look engaged and also make your kitchen to appear more appealing.

Breakfast counter

For little homes it is challenging to allocate an specific dining area other than having it in the living room itself. It will make the living area blocked and messy. So according to CRL Interior designer in Bangalore, having a breakfast counter in the kitchen will not only save you a lot of space additionally let you have a meal all together. These counters can also be useful while cooking and also cleaning.

Open design

Many interior designers say, for micro apartment, an open kitchen design will suit quite well. Open kitchens are the one that needn’t bother with a dedicated space of room however it shows up with your living area. They are attached to a single wall generally at the edge of the house, so having a segment will make it look separated and also great.


These are some spaces saving modular kitchen designs that are more well-known these days. Modular kitchens are word go for practically all individuals who have limited space in their home as they look in classy as well as space saving. You can still find ocean of personalized modular interiors at CRLInterior

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