Know The Best Materials for Installing New Counters

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CRL Interior says any sort of surface in the kitchen or washroom or some other part of the house requires a few counters. Kitchen and washroom counters are important parts of any family and can be utilized for storage or workspaces. Hence, it is necessary that they be durable and long-lasting. It would help if you chose counters that will last you long and are made of a material resistant to pests and other weather elements. A CRL Interior designer in Bangalore will actually want to assist you with getting reasonable counter materials. Here is a portion of the suitable options.


Stones choices like marble and granite have forever been an idol among homeowners and interior designers. They are one of the most durable substances out there, and they can immediately make your room appear more luxurious. The counters are unique, and they come in a broad range of patterns and designs.
Really focusing on marble and granite is also very simple as they are extremely resistant to pest infestation, water damage, or temperature variation. You should simply wipe them with a washcloth and some gentle detergent occasionally, and they can last you for quite a long time. They are perhaps of the best profit from the investment you will ever get.


Vinyl and plastic counters are extremely famous if you are searching for a reasonable choice. It is incorrect to accept that vinyl isn’t durable- unless you are buying the very flimsy, plastic ones, they can also last you well enough for a year or two. Vinyl counters are a great choice if you are looking for something temporary.
Or on the other hand, somebody who regularly prefers to change their home stylistic layout. Vinyl and plastic counters are easy to install and you can screw them to the sides of the walls. However, it would be best if you were a little careful about putting any heavy objects or working on them with something too intense.


Wood counters are not incredible, however, they are a bit high-preservation. However, if you can keep them in good shape, there is nothing like them. Hardwood counters produced using wood like sal, teak, and mahogany are classy and reliable simultaneously. you have to be very careful while using them in the bathroom.
Try to install them in areas and corners which won’t be impacted straight by the water. Or, you have to make sure that you treat them regularly with varnish and polish to keep away moisture and prevent them from seeping into the surface. Whenever you have dealt with the basics, the wooden counters will add a deluxe touch to your home.
With the help of a CRL interior designer in Bangalore, you can accomplish the most glamorous looks for your interiors. They will add their own touch to the decor, and you will achieve all that you need in your dream home.

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